kulturaggregat e.V.

As a collective of around 20 artists, cultural workers and people interested in culture, we pursue the goal of bringing more art, (sub)culture and social discourse into the public space. As is so often the case in the cultural landscape, we are a non-profit, socio-cultural association that was founded in 2014 and has since been developed and constantly rediscovered by us with a great deal of voluntary commitment and passion.

The idea behind kulturaggregat is to create a free space for culture and to connect people who want to develop and share their creativity. For example, in our current project hilda5, which is a platform, art space and laboratory in one: since 2016, the old Art Nouveau building at Hildastrasse 5 in Freiburg has provided the necessary (open) spaces on around 500 square meters. We use this space to stage exhibitions, concerts, readings, workshops and performances by (inter)national and local artists as well as street art projects.

The focus is on creatives who are looking for unconventional, interdisciplinary ways to present themselves and their art forms. In addition to a spacious gallery, hilda5 also has a small but excellent stage, the kulturaggregat cinema club - with probably the smallest cinema in the city - and the Urban Record Store.

Author: Sarah Klaußner

More events at this location

PATRICK HARTL | Exhibition (extension)

Drama, Variety entertainment & circus

PATRICK HARTL | Exhibition (extension)

25/04/2024 / 07:00 PM - 11:00 PM / kulturaggregat e.V.

The PATRICK HARTL exhibition in the hilda 5 at the kulturaggregat has been extended until 8.7.2023.

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