Wallgraben Theater

In 1973, the Wallgraben Theater relocated from a wine cellar and air raid shelter to the rustic confines under the new Town Hall, with space to accommodate an audience of up to 96 people. The company repeatedly earns accolades for its great energy and enthusiasm. Its creative, warm renditions of theater classics transport audiences into a 'new old' world.

The theater's founder and former director Heinz Meier worked closely with the German comedian Vicco von Bülow, also known as Loriot, who performed his first sketch in 1975 in the Wallgraben Theater, supported by Meier and his team. The ensemble’s repertoire now includes splendidly comic presentations of Loriot’s work.

Enjoy an intimate, illustrious evening of Freiburg theater in the cellar or catch a summertime show during the open-air performances in the Town Hall courtyard.

Author: Nicole Bee

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