Theatre in the Marienbad

On the outside, the stunning 1902 Art Nouveau-style building looks neither like a typical indoor swimming pool nor a theater, and yet it combines both these functions. The outline of the swimming pool is still visible under the floorboards of the stage. An old spiral staircase on the side leads up to an area which once accommodated individual bathtubs, known as the “Volksbrausebad,” public bathing facilities used by residents whose homes were without plumbing. The stairs now lead to the mezzanine and the lighting Equipment.

But it is not just the architecture of this unique theater building that excites the imagination. The theater company’s excellent performances, including children’s theater, are a delight to cultural connoisseurs and occasional theatergoers of all ages. The site of the former municipal pool can accommodate audiences of up to 250 people. The smaller "Kesselhaus" with around 80 seats is used for small events, such as theater workshops or readings.

A large hall was added onto the Marienbad in 1938, which became the home of the Freiburger Kunstverein (Art Society) in 1997. Extraordinary art in an extraordinary setting. Whether you’ve come for a theater performance in Freiburg or an exhibition, experience the wonderful atmosphere of the Old Marienbad firsthand!

Brief information on accessibility:ramp for wheelchair users, disabled WC

Author: Nicole Bee

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