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of the Black Forest Drag Queen Betty BBQ Zick, Zack, Zwiebel, ab in Giebel! The Pub Crawl with the pub tour guides of the Black Forest Drag Queen Betty BBQ. In Freiburg it flows daily not only in world-famous Bächle, but also at some counters: For its diverse and exciting pub scene, Freiburg is known and loved by locals and visitors from all over. There has never been a dry throat here - and now you can wander through selected pubs with the experienced pub tour guides and get to know Freiburg, the pub scene and nice people in a fun way! And with a bit of luck, you might even run into Betty BBQ, the "Mutti Freiburgs", herself. Because it is now again: "Zick, Zack, Zwiebel, ab in Giebel!"! --- Pub tour with guides of the drag queen Betty BBQ through 5 selected Freiburg scene pubs and bars, including welcome shot at the beginning of the tour, at 5 stops a total of 3 small beer or small wine spritzer (your choice) and 2 special shots, free admission to all pubs and shots on the way to the pubs (sponsored by FICKEN liqueur; while supplies last). No alcohol for you today? No problem! You can get a small water or soft drink in the bars if you wish.

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