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Woyzeck kills his lover Marie out of jealousy. Inspired by a real murder case from 1821, the 23-year-old physician Georg Büchner creates a multi-layered profile of the perpetrator in his visually stunning drama fragment: Woyzeck, a professional soldier and scientific guinea pig, ostracized, humiliated and betrayed by his social environment, suddenly hears a voice in his head: "Stab! Stab!" Dark yet poetic, Büchner's most famous text still discusses topical questions today: Under what conditions does violence arise? Are we free or are we determined by others? Serbian director Bojana Lazić takes these questions seriously and examines the breeding ground in which violence thrives today: In the family, at work and in the social environment. But Lazić tells the drama from a feminist perspective: Her Woyzeck is female. Torn between different jobs, her role as a mother and her relationship, Woyzeck fights for her independence in a patriarchal capitalist world. But how does Büchner's drama end today? Does a female Woyzeck end up killing his lover out of jealousy? Is there a difference between male and female violence?

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