Why no Marshall Plan for Japan?

Why no Marshall Plan for Japan?

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The Marshall Plan, the American reconstruction aid for Europe after World War II, has long become a myth and a common cipher. It is widely regarded as one of the foundations of the transatlantic partnership after 1948, and calls for a "Marshall Plan for Africa" or a "Marshall Plan for Ukraine" are heard time and again - but what is behind the myth? As part of the lecture series on 75 Years of the Marshall Plan, experts from Freiburg and around the world will offer a critical introduction to the political background and goals of the Marshall Plan, explore its significance for the development of the Cold War and for groundbreaking changes in post-war Europe, and explore the question of what lessons can still be learned from it today!

Event language: English
As part of the series "Beyond the Myth: 75 Years of the Marshall Plan"
In cooperation with the Junior Professorship for North American and Transatlantic History at the University of Freiburg and EPICUR

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