Wine experience tour

Price: 24.00€

Guided tour through the Freiburg St Georgen vineyards at Schönberg and the district "Wendlingen" with a wine tasting and a glass of sparkling wine.
Andreas Vögele was born in Freiburg St Georgen and comes from a family that has been rooted in Freiburg's southernmost district for generations. There is a centuries-old winemaking tradition in the family, which is still maintained today with the St Georgen Winegrowers' Association. The vineyards in St Georgen of the "Steinler" vineyard at the foot of the Schönberg are the gateway to the Baden wine-growing region of Markgräfler Land. On the tour, you will experience beautiful views of the Rhine Valley and over the city. Vögele shows how wine and viticulture fit right into the middle of life. You will learn interesting facts about German and European viticulture history using the example of Freiburg St Georgen and different grape varieties as well as wine growing methods.

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