Big bang, black holes & co. - at the pulse of astrophysical research

Golden times for astrophysics: Never before have there been so many powerful telescopes on Earth and on satellites in space, using ever more advanced instruments to probe the big questions of astrophysics: What exactly happened in the early days of the universe? Is there a second Earth at another star? Is there life somewhere outside the Earth? How does one try to prove it? What is dark matter, does it exist at all? Where do the gigantic black holes in the centers of the galaxies come from? Do they behave as expected according to Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity? In particular, the James Webb Space Telescope, which will begin routine operations in the summer of 2022, will provide fundamentally new insights into many areas of astrophysics. Will our scientific view of the world have to be rewritten?

Course leader: Dr. Federspiel (Deputy of the Freiburg Planetarium). The speaker is an astrophysicist and works at the Freiburg Planetarium.

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