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Above the rooftops of Freiburg

Join us on a short hike (approx. 3 km) over the Schlossberg and learn new, amazing and fascinating things about the forest ecosystem: How big is the root system of a tree? How do trees defend themselves against parasites? Why do some deciduous trees turn their leaves red in the fall? Look forward to a wealth of information, interesting new discoveries and relaxing moments in the forest.

The ride up the Schlossbergbahn is included in the price.

The hike takes place in all weathers.

Weatherproof clothing and sturdy shoes are recommended. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed.

Participation in the event is possible from the age of 14 and is at your own risk.

Meeting point: Tourist Information Freiburg, Rahtausplatz 2-4, 79115 Freiburg,,

Tickets are only available at the Tourist Information Freiburg

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