Till Reiners - Flamingos at the Kotti

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Till Reiners Flamingos am Kotti is the fourth program of Till Reiners and it is better than all the others before.
So that everyone is on the same level: Kotti is the Kottbusser Tor in Berlin.
There are drugs, poverty and always someone who is imitating a dog and wearing a Superman cape, and with whom you never know: psychosis or after-hours? Also, sometimes you see a family man buying spelt cookies at Rossmann, while in front of the store a woman on a unicycle offers poetry for home use - but everyone at Kotti knows: The guy with the spelt cookies is the freak here.
Let's keep in mind: For flamingos, people are exotic creatures with crazy necks. Now you are optimally prepared in terms of content - Till Reiners will take care of the humor. All you have to do is laugh heartily. Questions of understanding, critical remarks: feel free to express them during the show, if it's not annoying. Please be on time, unless you want to be addressed. Then feel free to come just before intermission.
If this comedy show were a dish, it would be a fantastic burger. It looks like fast food, but tastes so classy that you're almost ashamed not to wear a tuxedo. Speaking of which, please wear whatever you like. Your best wardrobe has been waiting for this moment.
Straighten your feather boa, take another sip from the peppi you smuggled in. Help the artist and insult people who put something down on stage as if they were godless animals - you're good to go!

More info: https://www.tillreiners.de/

Photo: Esra Rotthoff

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30/11/2022 / 07:30 PM - 10:35 PM / Theater Freiburg - Large House

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All information is provided without guarantee.