The Music of Hans Zimmer & Others
The Music of Hans Zimmer

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The Music of Hans Zimmer & Others - The Music of Hans Zimmer

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The symphonic world of Hans Zimmer with music from James Bond, The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator, The Dark Knight, Inception, Interstellar, Top Gun, Dune and more!

Berlin / Los Angeles - ,,The Music of Hans Zimmer & Others" is an unforgettable concert and audiovisual experience for all ages, film enthusiasts, music lovers and families. The music is performed by the Hollywood Film Orchestra in an impressive show with light installations, laser projections and selected film clips. Star soloists from the original Broadway production will perform selections from ,,The Lion King," Zimmer's most popular box office hit.

No other composer has influenced the film world over the past two decades as much as Academy Award, Globe Award and Emmy Award winner Hans Zimmer with his stunning compositions for films such as ,,James Bond," ,,The Lion King," ,,Pirates of the Caribbean," ,,Gladiator," ,,The Dark Knight," ,,Man of Steel," ,,Inception" and ,,Interstellar."

Acclaimed German composer Hans Zimmer, who has written the scores for more than 200 films, won his second Oscar for ,,Dune" (2022), after winning his first Academy Award for ,,The Lion King" (1994).

Hans Zimmer described Ennio Morricone as his idol and role model, from whose repertoire excerpts from ,,Two Glorious Scoundrels" and ,,Play Me the Song of Death" will be heard. Zimmer followed Morricone's example of composing the film music before - rather than after - filming and left his mark on the entire work. For example, he changed the beginning of Ridley Scott's ,,Gladiator", after which the world-famous director moved to Hans Zimmer's studio.

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18/04/2024 / 10:00 AM / Freiburg University of Music, Room 343

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