Thales Forum

With this Thales Forum, we shed light on a hot topic from a philosophical perspective: Although 95% of people in Germany believe that climate change is at least partly man-made and that we should therefore change our behavior and economic practices, we have so far struggled to take effective action.

Deep-seated and widespread patterns of reasoning contribute to this: "As long as China and India don't act, change in our country is pointless," "If we take climate protection too seriously, we will be left behind internationally and lose our prosperity," "Technological innovations will fix it."We will examine these and other thought patterns together and identify ways to overcome resistance and trench warfare in an empathetic and fact-oriented manner. What contribution can everyone make to this in their own everyday lives? And what special opportunities do young leaders from business, government and civil society now have to exert influence?

The evening is open to all interested parties. The only prerequisite is a desire for respectful, open exchange across professional and hierarchical boundaries. Take your time, we provide the space!

Thales Forum

At the Thales Forum, we focus on a philosophical question or ethical challenge of our time for one evening. The Thales Forum is open to all people who are looking for new impulses and refreshing orientation, young founders as well as experienced managers, people from NGOs as well as employees from companies or self-employed persons. The Thales Forum takes place at different locations in Freiburg. The focus of the evening is on an open exchange of experiences under the guiding principle: Shaping society together. Participation is free of charge.

The idea of the Thales Academy

The Thales Academy is a non-profit and ideologically independent initiative based in Freiburg. The idea is to open up new educational and meeting spaces in order to offer people and organizations the opportunity to sharpen their attitudes towards philosophical and ethical questions of our time. To this end, the Thales Academy offers in-service training courses, in-house workshops and the Thales Forum.

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