Stucky Yodels - Yodel meets Soul & Blues

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The American-Swiss jazz singer, musician, performer and accordionist Erika Stucky has found her very own, individual and distinctive style. Somewhere between jazz and cabaret, blues and pop, punk and rock, she moves and captivates her audience with an incomparable show.

Musical dares and adventures are what set Erika Stucky apart. The trained jazz singer is not afraid of experiments: unabashed avant-garde jazz and pop, in which she sometimes yodels, Schwytzerdütsch paired with American slang and biting remarks on the quite ordinary madness of everyday life. Erika Stucky is unique and has long since achieved cult status. With her distinctive voice, she stands out from the crowd and becomes a fascinating entertainer through this voice, her nuanced skills and rebellious, whimsical humor.

With Erika Stucky, fun knows no bounds and neither does the courage to take musical risks. Extravagant and down-to-earth at the same time, she presents song escapades, dazzling ballads and cracking cover versions and will cast a spell over you.

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08/12/2022 / 08:00 PM / Humboldt Hall at the Freiburger Hof

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All information is provided without guarantee.