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"Isn't that incredible? We were just one, now we're two." - "Three." - "Sorry. Have you thought about the diapers?" - A young couple wants to be pioneers and pursue parenthood on an equal footing. But the social contradictions run right through their relationship: The man turns out to be an eternal Peter Pan and the mother looks for "a place to talk about the unspeakable things" in the parent-child café. But in response to the banal and existential aspects of motherhood, she only finds discourses on mom guilt, momnesia and mental load. For the miserable mother, her motherhood becomes a prison. Within her own four walls, the boundaries between inside and outside, society and subject, body and discourse become blurred. As in her award-winning film DAS MELANCHOLISCHE MÄDCHEN, Susanne Heinrich's theater debut is full of tenderness and irony about the unease of late capitalist society.

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