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Moritz Neumeier Hahahaha! The world is coming to an end - that doesn't sound so cool at first. But on the other hand it urges us to pay attention to the essentials. Moritz Neumeier does that in his new program. He faces his fears, tries out what he hasn't dared to do before and gives space to all those character traits that he otherwise prefers to hide.This is funny and honest and brutal at the same time. It gives us a chance: when the clock is ticking down to collapse, it's finally time to do what you want to do. As usual, here you laugh at all the things that otherwise depress you, annoy you and make you despair. The program is actually one trigger warning that you should take seriously.Or you take it with humor, as Moritz does. Because that's all he knows how to do: Be funny where it hurts.More info: Daniel Dittus

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30/11/2022 / 07:30 PM - 10:35 PM / Theater Freiburg - Large House

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