Miss Petty Bee's Vintage Waitress Show

Price: 35.00€

Don't you feel like anything?
At the Vintage Waitress Show you get that!

Yes so, a Sunday morning may begin with pleasure!

Wonderful, swinging and heartfelt songs of the 20's-50's, dance their way blithely into the hearts of the audience.
Embedded in a humorous story, which falls bluntly from Miss Petty Bee's pinafore, this show is a new Freiburg insider tip.

As a freshly hired serving "girl" Miss Petty Bee serves fascinating and hilarious stories from her life, while the morning appetite can be satisfied with a loving table buffet breakfast from the "die Kantina - Freiburg".

Accompanied by Johannes Büttner , with much ease, on the piano, Miss Petty Bee opens with this enchanting breakfast matiné a sparkling bottle, filled with lots of sunshine.
You can expect an exhilarating morning that you have never experienced before.

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30/11/2023 / 06:00 PM / Freiburg University of Music, Mathilde Schwarz Hall

With students of the class of Prof. Hardy Rittner

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