My grandpa in the Marshall Islands

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In addition to childhood memories, the puppeteer Vanessa Valk was left two photo albums and a diary by her grandfather, which bear witness to his trip to the Marshall Islands in 1911. Grandpa was considered a "hero" in the family's stories. He stayed there for three years until the patriot left a "South Sea woman" on the islands and returned to go to war for his fatherland. From today's perspective, how does the story of a genuine colonialist, whose heroic anecdotes in the family lore covered up his later Nazism, tell itself? The team from MEIN OPA AUF DEN MARSHALL-INSELN will delve deeper into Germany's colonial history in a second theater production, which will premiere in November 2024: In the play IAKWE ODER WIE DER REGENBOGEN AUS DEM KELLER KAM, Theater TIER sets out with a group of children and young people, actress Lena Drieschner and musician Konrad Wiemann on the trail of art and cultural objects that were brought to Freiburg at a time when the islands were under German colonial rule.

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