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Männerschnupfen reloaded

Why do men always suffer more than women when they are ill?

We explore this and other questions in our play "Männerschnupfen". Because Männerschnupfen is a prime example of the supposed lack of understanding between male and female.

The duo comedy cabaret "Männerschnupfen" is based on the book of the same name by Peter Buchenau and Ina Lackerbauer (published by Springer Verlag in 2016).

The stage version offers not only highly entertaining but also informative scenes as well as witty and at times ambiguous dialogues created with a great sense of profound subtlety that will amuse the discerning viewer as well as make him think.

The two main actors complement each other perfectly in the play.

Peter Buchenau plays the long-suffering man-cold patient, who explains to the audience from the bottom of his heart that the poor men suffer much more pain from man-cold than women do from childbirth. No wonder that Peter doesn't really get much understanding from his stage partner Gloria either. But she finally persuades him to visit a doctor's office after all.

So poor Peter ends up with the militarily hypothermic and domineering female doctor, who prescribes him countless medications. The whole play then culminates in the absolute climax of Peter taking all the pills at once and not only encountering his own liver, but also being visited at home by the Grim Reaper.

In the end, Peter Buchenau sums up the message behind "Männerschnupfen": ultimately, "Männerschnupfen" is also about love and recognition.

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