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"Bloodthought, how art thou born?" asks Macbeth before his first murder. More topical and explosive than ever, Shakespeare's subject matter is now in the hands of internationally acclaimed director-artist Andriy Zholdak, whose homeland is currently being forced into a senseless war by Russia's President Putin. Andriy Zholdak is the first Ukrainian director to direct on a German opera stage after the invasion of his homeland. Against the background of the war in Ukraine, he has currently withdrawn his name from all his productions in Russia. Shakespeare's MACBETH sets the bar for the violent realization of fantasies of possession and power to this day. Giuseppe Verdi also knew this when he decided to set what he considered the greatest poet of all time to music for the first time. Verdi succeeded in great things: His power-mad king and queen desperately and unsuccessfully resist physical and psychological decomposition. Macbeth, the king's murderer, can no longer find a quiet minute after the deed, and the Lady, with her supposedly more robust psyche as the driving force, also succumbs to the severity of their common misdeeds. Opposite them is the chorus as the betrayed and maltreated by the atrocities of their rulers. Brave and able to defend themselves, they fight for their survival, and Verdi writes them fascinatingly colorful and opulent choral numbers of touching intensity. Meanwhile, even Andriy Zholdak cannot put a stop to the murder of Lord and Lady. Their behavior has become obsessive. And so it goes on and on. Only the night stands still!

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All information is provided without guarantee.