Love by recipe

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Love by recipe

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When is the right time for love? The answer Dr. Bader has for his two new patients is: now! And indeed, as soon as Dorothea, plagued by various ailments, and Lorenz, who has reached the doctor's surgery with the last of his strength, get closer, the pain subsides. Nothing seems to stand in the way of a new happiness - if it weren't for their own children, who are unable to understand their parents' budding feelings of love. Good thing there's Dr. Bader, who, as always, knows good advice!

A punchy, fresh and cheerful comedy that shows: You're never too old for love!

Director: Peter Rauls

The actors are: Verena Huber, Joachim Mast, Klaus Raith, Stephan Ulrich, Ute Wolbeck

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