Krabat // 10+ years

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Krabat // 10+ years

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Krabat can hardly believe it. Just a moment ago, he was a wandering orphan. Now he is at the mill in Koselbruch and has plenty to eat, a warm bed and a bunch of other boys around him. Actually, he had only curiously followed a mysterious voice that called him in a dream. But how astonished he is when he realizes that he is not only to learn the miller's trade, but also to be introduced to the art of black magic...
Life in the magic school fascinates Krabat very much. He learns eagerly and takes great pleasure in testing his abilities and gaining more and more power over others. But the longer he lives at the mill, the stranger and scarier what goes on there becomes. At the peak of his magic powers, he must make a momentous decision. How fortunate that he has friends at the mill and a love in the village whom he can trust.

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