Sound room party

Price: 5.00€

West Coast Swing Sound Room Party

Experience and celebrate probably the most musical and versatile dance in the world. The community of West Coast Swing meets and dances to music from different styles. Through the principles of "lead and follow", everyone can dance with each other, creating unforgettable dances in combination with improvisation. Beginners can practice with advanced dancers, age differences become unimportant and even the dance roles can be exchanged.

  • Sound Space Freiburg
  • Start 20.00 o'clock
  • Tickets à 5 € are available at the box office



  • Start 19.00 o'clock
  • Tickets à 10 € per person directly on site
    • Participation in the workshop includes the entrance to the Klangraumparty
    • In case of subsequent registration for the courses at Tanzschule Gutmann the 10 € will be charged
  • Afterwards you can join the current West Coast Swing basic course at Tanzschule Gutmann!

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