Historix-Tours: Guardians, witches, death and devils

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Night Watchman Shower Tour by Historix-Tours®

Oh yes, night watchman Bertold VI has been through a lot over the centuries. He has survived the plague and blatters, the beastly housekeepers and - almost as bad - devils and demons, and then the countless witch processions and angelic apparitions, goodness gracious! It's good that he's now leading for us, so he can get rid of all the horror. He wants to talk about it, just listen to him!

Meeting point: main portal of Freiburg Cathedral
Duration: approx. 105 minutes

The night watchman Bertold VI talks from the sewing box, tells hearty, gruesome, bloody - but also funny anecdotes from (city) history. Among other things, it is about the persecution of witches, the persecution of Jews in the Middle Ages, exorcism, city patrons, ghostly train accidents and dark legends. Exciting, varied and extremely entertaining!

From 16 years!

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