Historix-Tours: Guards, crooks, gloomy alleys - city tour with actor

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Freiburg's 1st night watchman tour

For centuries, night watchman Bertold VI has haunted the old town and watched over the sleep of the citizens. If necessary, he also takes up his horn. So if anyone knows what's going on, it's him! About the minster and the doorman, about ingenious originals and dull students, about puzzling divine judgments and striking French entry regulations. History(s) after the gates close: Well then - good night!

Meeting point: Schwabentorsteg stairway (at the Schwabentor)
Duration: Approx. 90 minutes

Entertaining tour by lantern light through Freiburg's old town (Oberlinden area, Münsterplatz square, into the snail suburb and up to the gates of the "Paradise"). The focus is on exciting anecdotes from Freiburg's history. Partly funny, partly scary stories and exciting legends. A lot of interesting facts about the "Nacht- und Scharwächter Bertold VI. and the time-honored city of Freiburg.

Ideal for Freiburg guests, but also interesting for locals.

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