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Historix-Tours: Vampires, blood and bad boys

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City tour with actor The "gruesome" tour of Historix-Tours®

Dracula, the girl and the undead, a shepherd's hour in the cathedral. The countless horrors of Freiburg's city history make your toenails roll up! And if you then still hear, what some Habsburger were for Vollpfosten and how blood-soaked the one and other place in Freiburg is And then still the spook girl Hellele that always came back to his mother!
All these questions we go on this entertaining ghost walk.

Meeting point: At the Predigertor, corner of Rotteckring / Unterlinden
Duration: approx. 90 minutes

Very dense and dark tour about torture, death sentences and also haunted cases in Freiburg. Favorite tour of many Historix-Tours guides and secret tip of longtime customers (Pssssst This is inexplicably the tour with the most fainting spells Why? Find out for yourself!).

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