Historix-Tours: Revenge, ghosts, arch-rivals - city tour with actor

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The Historix Tour with Maurice LeMalheure R.I.P. and Maurice Rabenaas R.I.P.

As a young soldier under King Louis XIV of France, Henri LeMalheure once conquered Freiburg - but he has still not recovered from his imminent death. Travel with him back to Vauban's "fortress" and listen to his gripping accounts, full of superstitions and tragic entanglements. Stupidly, the ghost of his eternal adversary Maurice also haunts the old fortress walls!
Theater tour with two actors!

Meeting point: Schwabentorsteg staircase (at the Schwabentor)
Duration: Approx. 120 minutes

Exciting, informative and eerily beautiful! The theme of the event tour is the period between 1677 and 1745. On their way through the remains of the French fortifications of Freiburg, the brave participants will not only learn about the tragic fate of the two opponents and their "object of desire", but also a lot of interesting facts about the French period of the Breisgau metropolis, about bastions and castles and last but not least about the Sun King and his connection to the city. This event tour holds many surprises.

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