Historix-Tours: Poets, death and binge drinking - city tour with actor

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The scandalous Historix tour with the mysterious Joseph Freiherr von Auffenberg

What curse befell the old Bodenwichser? Did the House of Baden have no sense of humor? Joseph Freiherr von Auffenberg, Freiburg poet and blasphemer, knows - and tells you! As you trundle through the old town, he will also tell you all sorts of things about promiscuous priests, sudling tanners and dense poets. Who was the last person to be judged on the "Galgenmatte" and what a wine-soaked joke was ultimately his own undoing!

Meeting point: Main portal of St. Martin's Church (on Rathausplatz)
Duration: approx. 105 minutes

Entertaining event tour with an actor in the role of the real-life Freiburg poet Joseph Freiherr von Auffenberg (1798 - 1857), with some hearty details about famous writers who once stayed in Freiburg - above all, of course, the highly sensational and remarkable life of the Freiherr himself. His restless "spirit" guides the group. You will experience "magical moments" with him.

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