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Historix-Tours: Nuns, bungling and cathedral spire(s) - city tour with actor

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The Historix Tour® around the cathedral. An actor takes on the role of the cathedral's master builder Joseph

Stonemason Joseph has a lot to say about our "cathedral". He muses on its predecessor, tells of his masterful colleagues who once built the cathedral, and explains the oddities, especially the most bizarre gargoyles. Such as: an unkempt nun as well as an obscene rosette!

Meeting point: Main portal of St. Martin's Church (at the Town Hall Square)
Duration: Approx. 90 minutes

Everything you always wanted to know about Freiburg Cathedral. As with all Historix tours, the actor in costume does not go INSIDE the cathedral, but explains everything in an entertaining and very vivid way on a tour around the cathedral.

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