Historix-Tours: Joke, prestige and powder dust - city tour with actor

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The Monarch Tour from Historix-Tours®

Outrageous! What else does the scion of a time-honored noble family have to put up with? Ordered to the Schwabentor (Swabian Gate), his carriage actually doesn't show up! But fine: take the opportunity to listen to him parley. About the unhappy Madeleine from the Greffenegg-Schlössle, the not-so-happy Beethoven and the maligned hair replacement. Funny, quirky, but always dignified!

Meeting point: Schwabentorsteg staircase (at Schwabentor Gate)
Duration: approx. 90 minutes

A witty tour about the dramas and events of Freiburg's aristocracy around the year 1800. Topics include Marie Antoinette's stay in Freiburg and the strange events surrounding the House of Greiffenegg. But other aristocrats are also discussed and you will learn where the people of Freiburg once played theater.
A tour for all those who like things a little more light-hearted and also for people who love "Downton Abbey" and similar TV series ...!

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