Historix-Tours: Witches, torture, the stake - city tour with actors

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In the Historix-Tours® program since 1998!

The year is 1599: Catharina Stadellmenin ("The Witch of Freiburg") and other women live peacefully in the city - until they are accused of witchcraft! But why is this happening? Can they still be helped? Or are they even "embarrassingly" questioned? This exciting tour takes you to the homes of the "witches", to their dungeons and places of torture, all the way to the place of judgment at the gates of the former city of Freiburg.

Meeting point: main portal of St. Martin's Church (on Rathausplatz)
Duration: approx. 90 minutes

Very exciting and popular historical tour about the main phase of the witch hunts in Freiburg. The fates of three alleged "witches" (including Catharina Stadellmenin", known from Astrid Fritz's novel "The Witch of Freiburg") are vividly told.

Please note: As the tour describes very complex historical contexts, the tour is not suitable for children under the age of 16.

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