Historix-Tours: Ghosts, hauntings and white women - city tour with actors

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The cursed tour since 1999 at Historix-Tours® in the program!

This ghost walk seems doomed. Stairs creak Are there death bells ringing? Dangers lurk everywhere! Many participants feel watched, even threatened, but by what and whom? Is it related to the mysterious man in black? Or is it due to the curse of the demolished house? Find out and always follow the light figures!

Attention: you will be scared! Scary tour with two actors.

Meeting point: At the Predigertor, corner Rotteckring / Unterlinden
Duration: Approx. two hours

Ghost walk with shock effects! Dark figures lurk behind the walls of the houses for the brave participants of the tour! Tour with two actors/inside one/inside one sees always, but where is the other one?

Not suitable for the timid, small children and for safety reasons not for dogs!

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