Game On: Magic Flute

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Digital Worlds hijack Opera-Feelings: GAME ON! Together with Pamina, we search for the way to the mysterious bonus level and, with Tamino, dare to fight the giant snake. In the new formulation of Mozart's MAGIC FLUTE, game, theater and music merge into a (super)sensual major event. The progress of the plot can be influenced during the performance and the traditional sequence can be changed. Tamino as an avatar that we steer through computer game worlds? We can endow the characters with superpowers or let them flounder, we can help them avoid mistakes or head aggressively towards the dangers - we can write the story to the end ourselves. Sarastro-Entertainment provides a highly imaginative world in which completely new experiences are possible. Because the virtual world offers empowerment: Eros in the avatar of your self, Thanatos in the gentle game-over death. Mozart's brilliant music is far more than just a gaming soundtrack. It leads to the origins of human desire and failure - in a fascinating gaming universe in which game and opera enter into a fabulous relationship from which there is no escape. At GAME ON: ZAUBERFLÖTE, every opera evening is unique! This is because the audience can influence the progress of the plot by voting and change the traditional order of Mozart's famous MAGIC FLUTE. This means that no two performances are the same, the audience is offered something new every time they visit - and the production literally invites you to see it a second or even a third time. Repeat offenders are also rewarded in terms of price: on presentation of your ticket, you will receive a 25% discount on the purchase of a further ticket for a subsequent performance of GAME ON: ZAUBERFLÖTE. *The discount can only be granted on the regular ticket price; already discounted tickets are excluded from the promotion.

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