Friburgum in Summa - Culture, history and sights - The compact historical Fribourg tour for visitors, tourists, newcomers and interested people!

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Welcome to 'Friburgum in Summa - Culture, History and Sights' - your exclusive invitation to a compact, historical journey of discovery through enchanting Fribourg.
This tour is the perfect overview of the historic old town and city history for visitors, tourists, newcomers and anyone interested!

Our tour takes you to the most fascinating sights, offers deep insights into the city's culture and history and lets you experience the vibrant atmosphere at first hand.

Immerse yourself in the heart of Freiburg on the historic Rathausplatz, where you will marvel at the splendor of the old town hall and feel the living history of this central location. Together we head to the Colombischlössle, an architectural jewel and home to the archaeological museum.

We stroll through the Bermuda Triangle nightlife district, where the lively atmosphere and culinary delights delight the senses. Enjoy the unique blend of tradition and modern lifestyle in this vibrant district.

The Martinstor (Martin's Gate) awaits us as an impressive city gate before we reach the majestic Freiburg Minster. Admire the Gothic splendor of this architectural masterpiece and find out why it is the city's landmark.

On the way to the picturesque Schlossberg (castle hill), with no ascent, you will experience the city's green oasis and learn interesting facts about its role in Freiburg's history. We return through the charming "Konviktstraße" street, leaving you with amusing anecdotes and deep insights into the Fribourg way of life.

Book 'Friburgum in Summa' today and be inspired by our enthusiasm for Freiburg's rich history and vibrant culture. Experience the city in all its diversity - compact, informative and unforgettable!

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