Freestyle dinner thriller: Murder at the singles party

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You are a guest at a singles party. Holger Horn, the owner of the online singles exchange "Partner-Schiff", is dressed up as a captain to set the mood and leads a few games to get to know each other. His employee Olaf Ochsenreiter plays "Cupid" and delivers love messages. Drunk but unattractive Christina Helfering and pretty Sonja, two guests at the party, take the personality test to find a partner and receive date coaching for their first date. Then a murder occurs and one of the guests falls victim to it. Will the jealous policeman Friedemann Tal, who catches his own wife at the party, solve the case? Or does he himself have something to do with the murder?
It's a good thing that you are served a delicious four-course meal in between. This will give you time to digest what you have just experienced and discuss with the other guests who the culprit is.
And maybe you'll be lucky enough to dance along to the "damsel of the castle menu" as a woman or test how good your answers to the lady's questions are as a man in the date coaching role play.

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