FREISTIL Dinner-crime "Murder on the class reunion" in the Dattler/ Freiburg - With four-course menu and Apéritif

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You attend the class reunion of your former high school. Here, along with the other Abi classes, you are greeted by the strict principal and history teacher Dr. Helmut Hund, who argues with the flippant music teacher Markus Frei about the right way to treat students. Anja Meister, who took the best Abitur 25 years ago, performs a scene from Schiller's "Joan of Arc" as part of the evening's entertainment. But the coarse and vulgar Karsten Klausmann, an alumnus who was kicked out of school just before graduation, tries to disrupt the class reunion. That's when a murder happens, and one of the attendees falls victim. Will police officer Tamara Tappert, who actually wanted to investigate another crime, solve this case?

How good that you are served a noble four-course menu in between. So you have time to digest what you have experienced and to discuss with the other guests who the culprit is.

And maybe you'll be lucky enough to accompany Joan of Arc as an extra in the Schiller scene with a few other guests as knights and retainers, or to help out as a prompter.

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