FARID - Magic Unplugged Tour

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Paris Hilton couldn't believe her eyes, action hero Bruce Willis was completely speechless, and TV legend Thomas Gottschalk, soccer player Marco Reus and pop queen Helene Fischer have also believed in magic ever since. In his magic: Farid is one of Germany's most fascinating illusionists, who regularly delights a fan community at home and abroad with his shows.
Farid is the magician of the quiet tones, who builds up a very special closeness to the audience during his shows. Whether he makes complete cars appear before the incredulous eyes of the audience, or reads the most secret thoughts of his candidates: Farid's specialties include grand illusions and stage shows, as well as inexplicable minimalist tricks. Farid's focus is not on magic alone, but on direct interaction with the audience, which he captivates in a very special way and makes an important part of his show!

For your information: During the show, photos and videos will be taken for the artist's use.
There is an age restriction for this event: Admission from 3 years

Photo: Robert Maschke

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30/11/2022 / 07:30 PM - 10:35 PM / Theater Freiburg - Large House

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All information is provided without guarantee.