The art of Japanese sumi-e ink painting

This course teaches ink toning, basic brush movements, techniques such as lining, and various types of ink flow techniques. The balance of the various elements of the image with each other is of great importance. The focus is on classical motifs.Advanced techniques are taught as well as combining different essences and layering hues to create decorative 3D effects and deeper nuances. Additional working techniques such as coloring/running/flowing/dotting can be applied well, especially with more modern compositions.In the final step - mindful and creative - individual works are created. In addition, a simple rubber name stamp can be created. Basic materials and utensils will be provided by the instructor, additional materials will be charged directly according to consumption (max. 15 €).

Course instructor: Takeda, Rie. The course instructor has been working as a freelance artist and professional calligrapher in Europe and Japan since 2000. She has been teaching Shodō, the art of Japanese calligraphy, and Sumi-e in adult education since 2002. More on Instagram: neojaponismatelier

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