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Komische Nacht is one of the most successful live comedy formats in Germany. In the most beautiful cafés, bars and restaurants of a city, guests and their friends experience a hilarious evening at this unique show - with the best entertainment by various comedians, cabaret artists, magicians and other comedians.

The comedy marathon has already been held for several years with great success in now more than 25 German cities (including Oldenburg, Hanover, Wolfsburg, Münster, Frankfurt).

In co-operation with several Gastronomen, the agency MITUNSKANNMAN.REDEN. presents on an evening different Comedians and other fun makers, who accompany their public varied and diverting by the evening. Known for their appearances at the Quatsch Comedy Club, Nightwash and the Komische Nacht, the artists guarantee a successful evening in a convivial atmosphere with food and drink.

Komische Nacht presents a cross-section of the current comedy scene in Germany. In each store, five comedians perform for 20 minutes each on one evening. At Komische Nacht, visitors do not have to wander from pub to pub to see different comedians; instead, each guest buys a ticket for his or her favorite pub. The artists are the ones who move from club to club. For their entrance fee, they receive an evening-long and highly entertaining program.

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