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The Bächleputzer City Tour

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Stocky's Bächle walk

The Bächleputzer City Tour - with Stocky, the original Bächleputzer!

Freiburg has a lot to offer - and the Freiburg "Bächle" are certainly one of the biggest landmarks of the city in Breisgau. They are a world-famous tourist attraction that can only be found in this form in the "sunny city" in the southwest. It is undisputed: The Freiburg gutters are as much a part of Freiburg as the cathedral and the Black Forest; no city tour or travel guide can do without them.

As a historical irrigation and drainage system - an innovation from and in the Middle Ages - the Freiburg gutters are the workplace of Alain, our real "Bächleputzer", who is affectionately called "Stocky" by the people of Freiburg. As a stream cleaner, he keeps a daily eye on the many medieval watercourses that run through the historic center of the Black Forest metropolis in Baden. The small canals are called "Bächle" in Alemannic dialect - and Alemannic is also Stocky's mother tongue.

On the Bächle walk with our Stocky, he will take you on a walk through Freiburg's old town along selected Bächle - in his Alemannic dialect, mind you. He provides exclusive insights behind the scenes of the Bächle system and into what is probably the oldest profession in the city in Breisgau, that of the Bächle cleaner.

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