Dan Walwin - Preprograms

The videos of Dan Walwin (lives and works in Amsterdam, NL) operate in a mode of drifting - sceneries and movements are of a hypnotic presence and at the same time appear dissociatively enraptured. The media of sound, text, and sculpture are important components of the spatial presentation of his videos, which in turn transfer strategies of exhibition into the cinematic. Walwin experiments with means of cinematic staging and their affective potentials. Instead of being absorbed into a narrative, individual elements stand side by side as equals and seem to follow their own logic. Contradictory connections, disruptions, and deviations give the impression of an audiovisual system whose inner mechanics are faltering.

For the exhibition Preprogrammes, Walwin produces a new video that draws from disparate sources, including a misreading of Benjamin Britten's musical drama Curlew River (1964), which itself combines borrowings from a Japanese Nō play and the medieval mystery play. The video script interweaves, among other things, anecdotal memories of 2019 with edited narratives from the book Deep Deception (2022), which contains testimonies of five women spied on by British undercover police officers. From these accounts emerges a pool of collective dreams that shimmers between report and myth, between nostalgia and the strange.

Preprogrammes is Walwin's first solo exhibition in Germany.



Fri, 16.09.2022, 7 pm: Opening, Introduction: Heinrich Dietz
Thu, 22.09.2022, 7 pm: Curator's tour with Heinrich Dietz
Thu, 13.10.2022, 7 pm: Public guided tour with Theresa Rößler
Sat, 10/29/2022, 7pm: World Metres from Here

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