Copy store - copy your favorite clothes (with sewing)

Price: 119.00€

You will learn how to copy your favorite piece without unraveling it. We create the patterns, then sew the "copy" and perfect the pattern after the fitting by making any final corrections. The garments must not be too complicated so that the copy does not go beyond the scope of the course. If you are unsure, please bring several garments to choose from. The pattern copy works best with relatively strong, transparent film, which can also be purchased during the course (1 m film, 140 cm wide for €4.50). 1st appointment (attendance required!): Cutting and possibly cutting. - Please bring along: Favorite garment(s), foil pencil, pins, measuring tape, paper scissors, set square (preferably 30 cm long) and ruler, longer rulers if available, patchwork ruler or tailor's square, tape, fabric for the desired model (pre-washed), possibly interfacing, fabric scissors, sewing utensils (sewing thread, bobbins, spare needles, etc.). Sewing starts on the 2nd date at the latest. Sewing machines are available, you are welcome to bring your own sewing machine (in perfect technical condition!) with accessories and instruction booklet.

Course number: 241209447

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