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Bobby, a bachelor, has everything: a well-paid job with an international company, three attractive lovers with whom he spends pleasant days and nights ... And above all, numerous friendly couples for whom he is there when they need him and who are there for him when he needs them. With a mixture of sympathy, irony and skepticism, he observes the couples' skirmishes and crises, their helpless and futile struggle against the loss of infatuation, youth and curiosity about each other ... Why should he himself get involved in a committed relationship that would only restrict his freedom? Why should he accept the inevitable compromises, the small and petty quarrels that obviously go hand in hand with a monogamous relationship? And yet every now and then there are moments of loneliness and emptiness ... What makes a person feel alive? Stephen Sondheim's 1970 musical COMPANY is a masterpiece and milestone of the genre. Behind the sparkling comedy façade of Sondheim's multi-layered compositions and lyrics, COMPANY uses Jewish New York humor to examine fundamental questions about our coexistence in relationships, cliques and society. Following Kurt Weill's LOVE LIFE (season 17/18) - which significantly inspired Sondheim's work - the Andorran musical comedy specialist Joan Anton Rechi is once again staging an extraordinary Broadway musical at Theater Freiburg.

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