Cloud 9

The Turn Up is real! At Cloud9 we want to break new ground and celebrate together with you nothing less than the future of rap!

With this new concept you get an ultimate, fresh, in Freiburg unique, mix of current urban music.

Lifestyle meets Hip Hop Culture. On the turntables there is only gourmet lit-shit from German rap, US rap, trap and RnB!

Look forward to beats with bass, lyrics with fire and hits from artists like: RIN, Drake, Future, Cardi B, 01099, A$AP Rocky, Luciano, Juju, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Nas X, Schmyt, Nicky Minaj, Apache 207, Yung Hurn, Migos, Nina Chuba, G-Eazy, Badmomzjay, K.I.Z, Trettmann, Bausa, futurebae and many more.

Sound: DJ TWYCE and Friends

CLOUD9 - It's getting wild!

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move to groove


move to groove

06/12/2023 / 08:00 PM / Restaurant Waldsee

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