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Christoph Sieber - Staying human Why are those to whom we entrust our children paid less than those to whom we entrust our money? What will people say about us in 20,30 years? Who will we have been? And how could it come to this, that we are consumers, users, spectators, politicians, migrants, Germans, but more and more rarely human beings?
Christoph Sieber shows us in his new program the unsparing, satirical view on politics, art and society. But Sieber wouldn't be Sieber if there wasn't always the other side, the mischievous, hilarious and comedic side, which makes us laugh about our existence and thus creates an impressive and inspiring cabaret evening.
Mensch bleiben is Sieber's 6th cabaret solo. Along the way, together with Tobias Mann, he also hosts the show Mann, Sieber! on ZDF.

Life is unreasonable, but with Christoph Sieber this unreasonableness can be excellently endured. Expect the worst. He will surpass it.

The man who juggles so wittily between astute, pessimistic situation diagnosis on the one hand and terrific comic entertainment on the other is Christoph Sieber" Süddeutsche Zeitung

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30/11/2022 / 07:30 PM - 10:35 PM / Theater Freiburg - Large House

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