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An explosion of the senses! This guided tour surprises in many ways: Already the extraordinary aperitif ,,Wier" in the Alte Wache offers a nice introduction to this adventure tour, which is also about the perfect combination of Baden tapas, special beers and matching wines. Each dish can evoke completely new nuances of taste through beer or wine. This tour is livened up by the change to 4 different locations - always interrupted by an entertaining walk through the city! Along the way, you will also learn little anecdotes or stories about Freiburg personalities and city lords.

Tour incl. aperitif, Baden tapas for appetizer, main course and dessert as well as 0.1 wine and 0.1 beer each.

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Guided tour of the "OCEANS #searchforhope" exhibition

28/05/2024 / 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM / Meckelhalle in the Sparkassen-FinanzZentrum

Fascinating insights into the underwater worlds in the Meckelhalle in the FinanzZentrum of Sparkasse Freiburg-Nördlicher Breisgau, entrance Franziskanerstraße

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