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What an eventful year for Peter Maffay and his band: not only were the concerts of the big anniversary tour, which had been postponed several times since 2020, finally made up for, Peter Maffay also made his brilliant debut as a judge on The Voice of Germany, and in the middle of it all, the seventh album by the little green dragon, Tabaluga - Die Welt ist wunderbar, was produced and released.
No wonder, then, that the thoroughbred musician actually wanted to shift down a gear in 2023 and take a step back.
But he can't do without live music altogether: "The feeling of finally being close to the audience again and being able to feel the energy is indescribable and we want to experience that together with our fans in 2023 at some wonderful places where we haven't been for a long time," says Peter Maffay.
So it's out into the fresh air, rock n' roll under the open sky:

Peter Maffay & Band - OPEN AIR 2023

With 20 number one albums, Peter Maffay is one of Germany's most successful musicians. He has been on stage for over 50 years. Many fans have accompanied him and his band for decades. In the course of time, many young people have joined. We are family entertainment in the best sense," says Peter Maffay. As long as the audience wants to see us and we can still move quickly from right to left on stage, we'll keep going. We play because it's simply fun."

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