Exhibition | Rituel du soleil, Shuling Liu

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Born in China, the young artist Shuling Liu invents a world for herself. She takes up occupational and cultural milieus she has not encountered directly, but reassembles them, whether they are the Ama women, traditional snorkel fishermen, shellfish farmers, or the marine environment.

Liu documents their tools, narratives, and rituals before reconstructing a museography and anthropology. She makes objects, reconstructs moods and immerses the viewer in a space that tells of their fascination and imagination in contact with these cultures and their essence.
Her pieces, which she creates from collected materials, inherited objects or narratives of other people, are charged with a memory that forms an individual landscape. They also make the viewer aware of the strong impressions that fleeting situations leave behind.
One enters Shuling Liu's exhibition like the murky waters of a lake. With caution and restraint. Sticks, standing upright by their own balance, remind one of the surface of the water by their safe and calm verticality. And once you get used to your surroundings, you discover the treasures of the water with the gaze of someone seeing them for the first time. Under the sea live plants that are not algae. The shadows and light that permeate the space make us guess rather than perceive fish and the movement of the water.
An immersive installation between drawing, sculpture and shadow theater.

Shuling Liu was born in 1990 in ChongQing, China. She initially trained in oil painting. Then she continued her studies at École Nationale Supérieur d'Art in Limoges, graduating in 2019. Since then, she has developed an installation practice that she composes with her contemporary sculptures, porcelain, drawings and jewelry. Her interest in landscape and contemplation gives her a unique universe, seemingly calm but often infused with an underlying tension. Her first exhibitions tell us about the workers of the sea. Gripped by how women around the world, many of whom are committed to environmental protection, can relate to the element of water. Liu is aware of the richness of these cultures and tries to capture their roots through their culture and way of life.

In the framework of the Biennale de la jeune création Mulhouse 2023

Duration of the exhibition: 13 June - 28 July

Vernissage - Monday, June 12 | 7 pm
Admission: Free

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