Exhibition: European Nature Photographer of the Year, Fritz Pölking Award 2021

Every year, the Society of German Wildlife Photographers (GDT) organizes the "European Wildlife Photographer of the Year" competition and the "Fritz Pölking Prize". As one of the world's largest associations for nature photography, the GDT invites amateur and professional photographers from all over Europe to participate.

For the first time, images from these two renowned competitions are now also on display in Freiburg. Until March 17, 2024, the WaldHaus will show 30 of the award-winning images from the 2021 competitions.
Among them is the photo "Ballet of the Medusas," for which Spanish photographer Angel Fitor was the overall winner of the competition. The image shows specimens of the jellyfish species Cotylorhiza tuberculata moving just below the surface of the water.

Also on display is a series on locust trapping in Uganda, with which Dutch photographer Jasper Doest won the Fritz Pölking Prize. An ecologist by training and ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund, Doest's images tell stories that illuminate the multifaceted relationships between humans and nature. They point out that human life depends on everything our planet has to offer, but that we, on the other hand, are permanently destroying our livelihoods with our current patterns of consumption. Doest firmly believes in the power of photography to effect change.

All the images in the exhibition impressively demonstrate both the beauty and uniqueness of nature and its fragility in the face of the global biodiversity and climate crisis.

Admission is free.

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