Abstract painting with marsh lime and marble powder

Swamp lime has been used in Intonaco painting for thousands of years. Today, it is one of the most popular biological design materials.In this course, we process marble powder with the largely unknown marsh lime to putty. We will also use pigments to make our own paints. These are either applied in a glazed manner or poured in a sweeping manner as in "Action Painting". In this way, pictures with great depth and an intense color atmosphere can be created. The course offers plenty of scope for experimental and intuitive working methods.Participants should ideally already have painting experience.Please bring: Work clothes; painter's fleece and foil for tables and floor (we work very wet!); disposable gloves; kitchen roll; viscose sponge; electric hand mixer; small and 2 large plastic bowls (∅ 30 cm); 2 larger screw jars with lids; 2 spray bottles; wide brushes; metal spatula, 20-60 cm wide and Japan spatula (eg.e.g. hardware store); painting knife; flat porcelain plates; measuring cup; glass plate and glass runner (if available); 5 good pigments in favorite colors; 2 inks (dark colors e.g. Rohrer); 1l Gesso; 1 small paint roller; 5l Caparol- Binder; 3 good and stable stretcher frames (not larger than 90x60 or 80x80 cm).

Course instructor: Krummer, Beate. The course instructor is a geographer and ethnologist (M.A.), a freelance artist (including a diploma from the AdBK Kolbermoor).

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