33rd Freiburg Ceramic Days

On the last weekend of June, as always, the Freiburg Ceramics Days take place at the Old Wiehrebahnhof. It is a beautiful place with its very own atmosphere in Freiburg, where on these two days almost fifty creative workshops unpack and exhibit their creations fired from clay - utility ceramics and works of art.
The craft that has accompanied mankind since the dawn of civilization has taken on a new focus in our latitudes in recent years. Courses in do-it-yourself pottery are experiencing a boom, in many cities those interested are offered simple decorating and ready-firing of prefabricated ware, and stores with manufactured tableware are opening.
At the Ceramic Days one can meet the real connoisseurs of the craft, people who have made the handling of clay their life's work. They know the way from the soft kneadable material to the hard body in all stages and have developed their own styles, techniques, firing forms and design methods over the years. They know how to avoid mistakes and achieve a reliable and beautifully designed end result that awaits discovery as you stroll through the rich market. This can be simple or very refined tableware, ceramics for the garden or the terrace, simply beautiful objects or sculptures, or even things that mix several of these aspects. About many technical and design questions can be obtained in the market talk.
This year the focus is on guests from Austria, but also from other countries, from the region and from all over Germany.

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